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Malt Prep

Posted 4/24/2016

Preparing the malt

Preparing the malt is one of those things often overlooked in beer preparation and it can be quite time consuming.  On a typical brewday, I fill my brewkettle with water and start heating.  This gives me around 40 minutes to get the malt prepared.  This may sound like a lot of time, but it goes by quickly!  I always have my new brewlog prepared with my new recipe and use this as a checklist.  I weigh out each of the malts I want to use and put them in a separate container whose contents will be eventually poured into the mill.  Once I've ensured that everything is weighed out and ready, I start to grind.  I have a manual crank mill and 11 lbs. of grain can take me 20 minutes to crank out.  Once this is done, then I am ready to mash in!


Here are some pictures I took of the process while preparing to make a British style IPA on the 24th of April.


malt preparationmalt preparation