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Thank you for the interest in purchasing our beer!  We only sell our beer to persons 18 years or older.  To purchase our beer you must have an appointment and show up at the brewery in Uetendorf in person.  Please use our contact form to ask us for an appointment.

Yes, our beer is more expensive than beer from Landi, Feldschlossen, Budweiser, or Beck!  This is hand-made craft beer.  We use the best ingredients and do not buy our supplies in bulk like the big players.  Beers such as the Uetendorfer British IPA are dry hopped, meaning that they use more ingredients and have to stay in the fermenter longer.  The Stout uses 8 different grains, 3 different hops,  and rests 4-6 weeks in the fermentation container and another 4 weeks in the bottle before it is really drinkable.  A big difference than from the mass-produced beer!

Equipment such as bottles and kegs are a big investment for a small brewer.  The prices below for the deposit is what it costs me to replace one of these pieces of equipment.  This means that I have to ask for CHF 37.50 Deposit on a crate of beer, but don't worry, you will get it back when you return the equipment in good condition!