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Electric Brewery - PART 1

Posted 5/2/2016

Electric Brewery - initial prep

Well it is time to expand the brewery!  I, like most hobby brewers, want to:  1. brew more beer, 2. add more capacity, and 3. brew more accurately.  For this, I need to be able to better control the temperature of my mash and "rolling" boil, so I thought that it was time to build something new.  I love the brew systems from Colorado Brewing Systems, especially the Nano Brewer Dual system, which was my inspiration for this project.  


So how far am I?  Currently, I have about all of the parts I need to build my system.  I have picked up a couple of 15 gallon Bayou brewpots from Amazon, and a whole box of bits and pieces from AliExpress.   A few weeks ago, I built a rolling platform for my new system, and picked up an old metal mailbox, which will eventually be my brew panel.  I have a couple of other projects to start on first, but look forward to this new challenge! 


Electric Brewery Parts.Electric Brewery Parts.