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Types of BeerTypes of Beer


I am often asked which beers I have, "on tap."  I have a couple of standard beers which I like to make and a copy of specialty beers which I only make "in season".   Some of the beers I make regularly are:

1. British Style Indian Pale Ale.  Dark amber beer with a sweet malty and slightly bitter finish.

2. Oatmeal Stout. Black colored and complex beer with deep coffee and chocolate like finish.  Uses 6 different grain types and 3 different hops!

3. Golden Ale. Golden colored, flavored using aroma hops, with a light malty finish.


Other beers I make on occasions are:

1. California Style IPA. Golden-amber colored and bitter.  Hopped with Cascade and Challenger hops. 

2. Blümlibier (Flower Ale).  Golden Ale spiced with dried Elderberry (Holunderblüten) and Linden flowers from our garden.