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Looking for a unique experience with your family, friends, or even a team from work?  Learn how beer is actually brewed!  At Uetendorfer, we use the BIAB (beer in a bag) method of making beer which originated in Australia and has become popular all over the world as less equipment is needed. 


During the seminar, the beer making process is reviewed and samplers of different beers are distributed.  Optional snacks and lunch can be arranged.  Seminar can be given in English or German.


Example Schedule

A beer takes around 6 hours to make from start to finish.  An example schedule is below:

1000: Fill and start warming water to mash temperature

1030: Mash in grain

1040: Snack and test various beers (optional)

1115: Explanation of different grains and hops

1200: Drain and boil wort

1210: Lunch with various beers (optional)

1330: Cool and bottle beer

1400: Final beer and departure (optional)