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It's Spring - Hop planting time!!! :)

Posted 3/23/2016

I'm getting excited.  My hop plants are poking up and I've recently purchased some more

Spring is in the air and I can see the results.  Over the last week my hop plants have started to emerge from their winter sleep.  The bines on my Magnum have already grown 10 cm!

As you can never have enough hops, I had to buy some more plants this year.  Along with my Target, Magnum, and Polaris plants purchased from 1A Garten Eickelmann in Geisenfeld, Germany, this week I purchased Cascade, Fuggle, Cobbs (East Kent Goldings), Calais Golding (East Kent Goldings), and Zenith hop plants from Hops & Flowers in Canterbury, Kent, UK.  Both sites will send hop plants in the mail to European countries, and both are very knowledgeable and have a great variety of hop plants!

Anyway, I can't wait to get the new plants going and see the harvest in the fall.  The beer is 'gonna be good!!!