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Fresh Hops

Posted 4/3/2017

The hops are growing!

My hops plants have started growing again reminding me that I never finished up a post about using fresh hops.  Hops are easy to grow and rewarding!  I have two plants in large planters which start early each year, and another 7 plants in various places around my house. 


I use a ladder to collect the hops growing up on the house.



The female plants produce cones which should be picked when they sound like paper rasping when rolling them in your finger.



Here are some cones I collected in a basket



Once collected, I dry them in a food dehydrator, weigh them and put them in vacu-pack bags, seal them, and then store them in a freezer.  They can be kept this way for years.  Then can be used as one would use hop pellets.