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Beer Dispensers from Fass -Frisch

Posted 3/31/2016

Keg and Tap rental

I've found that it is the easiest to keg and not bottle my beer.  This for several reasons.  First, the beer stays good longer as it has less exposure to air and light.  Secondly, it is a lot easier to wash one keg instead of 10 bottles.  Lastly, it is easier to store.  The problem was that my customers didn't have their own taps, and I only had limited taps to loan out. 


As of today, I can now supply a small dispenser composed of a cooler, drip tray, and tap in a single unit when I sell a keg of beer.  A deposit is needed for the dispenser kit (, but it makes the entire transaction easier!


Fass Frisch dispenserFass Frisch dispenser